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We pride ourselves on our customer service, but don't just believe us... see what customers have to say about Diamond R Jewelry.

New Knowledge

“After shopping for an engagement ring in Topeka and Kansas City, I was frustrated because I couldn’t get solid answers on what diamonds were priced at, what they were, and what all these letters and numbers were. I decided to give Dusty a try. I knew nothing about rings or diamonds when I walked in, and quickly found out Dusty knows a lot. Within ten minutes of being inside his store, I learned more about diamonds than I did all weekend in Kansas City. Dusty not only knew all about his inventory, but he also was able to tell me about the rings I saw in KC just by my description. My wife was so excited because she thought I studied and put a lot of thought into what ring I got her since I knew so much about it. She thought I really tried hard to impress her and I was prince charming! But really all I did was tell her what Dusty told me. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. ;) ”

- Jerod from Ransom, KS